First a Sale then a Commission

My first returning client

A client from Hout Bay fell in love with my first Ice Ridge artwork. After months of searching for the right artwork for her bedroom, she purchased Ice Ridge as it had exactly the colours she was looking for. A short while later she returned with a commission request. She wanted something similar to the artworks in my Fountain of Life series but on a square canvas. As a result, Fountain of Life 3 was born.


Commissions are not always easy and are always taken on with a bit of trepidation on my part. Does the client know exactly what they want or are they still a bit undecided? Am I going to nail the client brief? Will I be allowed some freedom within the brief to express myself? Is the client going to be satisfied with the end result? Will I be asked to make changes? Will there be time constraints? These are just some of the questions that swirl around in my head during this time. My nerves are usually shot at the moment of the big reveal to the client.


For this particular commission, I needed not to have worried. My client was very easy to work with and loved the end result.