At the Oceans of New Dawning

A poem written for me by a friend after being inspired by some of my artworks

At the Oceans of New Dawning

             by Ha Eun Bae


The boat rocked in the shudders

that swept her up in a storm;

the waves going over, under, over, under…

CRASH! upon the gritty rocks

that sharpened and sharpened

with each wave.


Her breathing laboured heavily

as she gulped in for more of the air

that disappeared behind a curtain

that led only to dark corridors of nowhere.

How meaningless it all seemed to her…

to keep up with what the body could not withstand…

what the air would not care to help.


So easily the thought came and welded fast unto the inner pipelines

that began to proceed in its rusts of coppering and decaying.


Shudder, crash, huff, gulp;

Gulp, huff, crash, shudder…

And so it went on and on

and deeper the dark corridors burrowed.


“You are without hope, no strength and power.

You wretched and empty soul,

how sad it is this life you have.

Come now, don't fear.

I only come to end what is already ended.”


So easy the snarling came and welded fast

and scratched with anguished noise on the inner pipelines

with their rusts of coppering and decaying.


But lo and behold, blanketed a sensation of over what felt like Peace

and a gentle breath of calmness came over, under, over, under…


“How does it come to be”, she wondered with bewilderment,

“And whoever has come over the darkness like this?”


Shudder, crash, huff, gulp;

Gulp, huff…crash…




Hands touched with soft caress,

And with tools named Love began the works

to fix and colour the pipelines.

Nailing on either sides of the corridor,

hung the lampstands of Holiness that shone great light.

He came from the nowhere and began ascending out to open wide,

the dusted curtains that heavily ladened over the corridors.


“No longer will you be left in this storm, for no waves may stand against you

before me who holds you and protects you; before me, will all things obey.

The rocks will form at my firm command

to be lain as the foundation of my stronghold for you.

You who had shuddered will shudder no more,

for redemption had been already written on your life.”


“Yes, fear not, but only I who ends and begins all things for your good,

in the oceans of my glory and power. 

For Love fixed you tenfold,

Peace blankets you warmly,

and the boat of Grace afloats you always.

Such is who I Am

and forever Amen is.”


The boat stood still in the blue'ing oceans

that beamed now of the clouds in the glowing expanse;

She opened now her eyes, and stared intently up,

with a smile and knowledge of new dawning.